We create healthy workplace cultures

Creating Healthy Culture
  • Workshops

    Discover Your Leadership Voice
    Learn the behaviors and value of your voice and identify how you are perceived as a result

    The Power of Your Voice 
    Celebrate the contribution your voice brings and learn how your voice influences others

    The Art of Collaboration
    Learn to control and trust the strengths of every person on your team

    Optimizing Team Performance
    Energize your team by harnessing the contribution of every person

    Team Kryptonite
    Practical application of tools to avoid team disintegration

  • Professional Development Coaching

    • Let's work together to implement personalized approaches for ‘becoming the coffee bean’ when faced with adversity

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Creating Healthy Culture
Getting to Done
  • Time Management Hacks

    Is your to-do list overflowing to the next day and the next and so on? Do you always feel behind and while you get things done you are not getting the super important items completed? If yes, then let us show you proven time management hacks that will provide you peace of mind because you are getting what matter most done on a regular basis.

    • If you have a large project, let us manage it for you. We have a staff of certified Project Management Professionals skilled at leading projects of any complexity level.

  • Creating Consistency

    Do you try many things but feel like none are driving you towards your goals? The answer is to hardwire certain actions into your organizational culture. We can show you how to compare alternative actions to:

    • Determine which is the best for you to use,
    • Reduce variability so you always get the same quality,
    • Target a result to achieve your goals, and
    • Maximize profit

  • Keeping Score

    Do you have an early warning system to detect potential problems for your business? Do you know when to adjust keep your business on track? If not, or if you’re not sure you have the right approach, we can create a system to provide:

    • Clearly defined measures of success
    • Appropriate and relevant performance targets
    • Transparency for all levels in your organization so every person knows their level of contribution
    • Accountability for results

Getting to Done
Transforming Ideas into Action
  • Success Planning

    Do you want to be more than you are today but are unsure of how to plan for the future? Our Performance Strategists can guide you through the development of a strategic plan that:

    • Assesses trends impacting your organization
    • Understands stakeholder expectations
    • Articulates your vision, mission, core values and overarching goals
    • Identifies strategic objectives to best reach your vision
    • Analyzes key performance indicators to measure what matters most
    • Aligns strategy with critical initiatives
    • Design a roadmap for achievement

  • Creating Raving Fans

    Do you have a solid repeat customer base? Or no customer base? Are you worried about how to grow your market share? We believe every interaction is an opportunity to create a lasting impression for your brand, company, and products powered by employee engagement. Let us work with you to identify and improve every meaningful interaction to create an unforgettable experience that:

    • Turns customers into promoters
    • Attracts and retains world class talent
    • Builds an iconic brand

Transforming Ideas into Action

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