Coaching + Workshops that create a healthy company culture where everyone is heard + valued.

Eliminate Team Toxicity. Become a Purposeful Liberating Leader. Build a High Performing Team.

From ideation to implementation

Inspiring Company Culture (ICC) is a professional development and business consultancy dedicated to helping individual leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their performance goals. From ideation to implementation, ICC will partner with you to transform yourself, your team, and your company culture into one that impacts the world in a very intentional way.

Our team of highly skilled consultants will collaborate with you to:

 Develop your leadership abilities

Form a healthy company and team culture

Measure and celebrate success

Make the most of your time

Plan for growth and scalability

Implement consistency

Create raving fans


Let's work together creating a healthy work culture. We offer a variety of workshops to hone these skills. Whether you need help in discovering your leadership voice, optimizing team performance, or energizing your team, ICC can help.

Professional Coaching

Work together to implement personalized approaches when faced with adversity. We'll help you find practical approaches to better team building in learning to trust the strength of every person on you team. Contact us to schedule a session.

Creating healthy cultures


Testimonials from team members who have benefited from our Creating Company Culture services

ICC is flexible, innovative and always thinking of ways to challenge ourselves and our clients.

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